June 7, 2018


Order of Events:

7:00 pm – Check in at the IHS Main Gym with direct departure to Six Flags Magic Mountain

9:00 pm – Special Entrance for Irvine HS Graduates.

The Night will include

  • 4 hour All-You-Can-Eat Buffet
  • Unlimited World Class Coasters for only High School Graduates with minimal lines. This night is closed to the General Public.
  • LA DJ’s and Dance Parties
  • Interactive Entertainment
  • Special Vaquero Challenges throughout the night – Every hour on the hour.

4:00 am – Meet at the Entrance Gate to get on the buses for home.

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*** A 2018 Season Pass will be given at Grad Night with every ticket purchased

(Fright Nights are excluded)

Why Grad Night – What is Grad Night?

Years ago, a local couple made the decision to host an all night graduation party for their son and his friends. Their son’s party was both drug and alcohol free, keeping 200 teenagers out of harms way (as well as the community at large). It was such a success, that each year since, “Safe and Sober Grad Night” has been part of Irvine’s graduation celebration.

Graduation creates an emotionally charged day and an even more electrifying evening that holds the promise of many celebration parties. National statistics indicate that more teenage alcohol-related accidents and fatalities occur on high school graduation night than any other time of the year. For fatal crashes occurring from midnight to 3:00 am, 77% involved alcohol. Safe and Sober Grad Night provides a supervised, safe environment for the graduating seniors to celebrate. At Safe and Sober Grad Night the graduates can have “the time of their lives” without risking their lives. By providing a Safe and Sober Grad Night, we can greatly reduce the risk of harm to the graduates, and the community at large – on a night when that risk is unusually high.

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